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Erwin Rommel dozens of Rommel’s letters home during WWII

Large and historically important archive of World War II–dated correspondence between Erwin Rommel and his family, including 44 ALSs by the field marshal, most signed “Erwin,” and more than 50 letters sent to Rommel, the vast majority by his wife Lucie and a few from his son Manfred. Nearly all of Erwin Rommel’s letters are dated 1939–1940, with a handful coming between 1941–1944, while the correspondence from Lucie begins in 1942 and continues through 1944. Rommel’s letters are absolutely remarkable, and present unique and intimate insight into the man known as the ‘Desert Fox’—these are rife with fantastic content, with Rommel discussing everything from military life to Manfred’s math homework. In his earlier letters, Rommel frequently describes his hunting trips, looks forward to his upcoming promotion to commander of the 7th Panzer Division, and expresses fatherly concern about his son’s difficulties in algebra. As time goes on, he complains of snowy weather and a bad back, inquires about Manfred’s involvement with the Hitler Youth, and references meetings with some of his most notable countrymen, including Hermann Goering and the “Fuhrer.” He mentions various troop movements and alludes to a few different invasions, but rarely discusses any sort of military tactics or strategy, beyond expressing optimism for German success. Most of the letters are written on both sides of a single sheet, a few are multi-page letters, and five are one-page ‘feldpostbriefe’ letters, which are particularly interesting in that they are also signed “Erwin,” but also addressed in his hand on the reverse, with “Rommel” appearing in both the recipient and return address areas. A selection of Field Marshal Rommel’s letters, all written in German, follows (translated):

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