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Gemini 6 Wally Schirra Flown flag and mission patch

Flown printed fabric American flag, 5.75 x 4, and 4″ wide Gemini 6 mission patch, both of which were affixed to Schirra’s space suit during the Gemini 6 mission. Flag and patch are mounted, along with a photo of the space craft, and framed to an overall size of 15.5 x 12.5. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Schirra’s wife Jo, and Schirra’s crew mate Thomas Stafford, which states, in part: “The framed American flag…and mission patch that accompany this certificate were affixed to the space suit worn by Astronaut Walter M. Schirra during his historic Gemini 6 (GT-6A) flight with Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford on December 15–16, 1965…From the conclusion of this successful mission and for many years thereafter, this spacesuit worn/flown mission patch and flag were proudly displayed as framed in the Schirra family home until recently being offered for sale.” In fine condition.

The Gemini 6 mission was one of the more unusual of the program. After the explosion of the Agena docking vehicle they planned to use for their mission, and the subsequent cancellation of their launch due to a faulty plug, the capsule finally launched on December 16, 1965, and performed docking maneuvers with Gemini 7, which launched earlier in the month. The original design for the mission patch incorporated the Agena vehicle, but was later changed to show two capsules. A true rarity, as the astronaut’s personal patches from any mission seldom appear for auction. RR Auction COA.

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RR Autograph Auction Gemini 6 Flown Surgical Scissors

RR Autograph Auction Gemini 6Flown surgical scissors carried on board the Gemini 6 mission. Heavy and sturdy stainless steel scissors, manufactured by Weck and Company, measure 8″ long, and are engraved on one side, “P/N 20542, S/N 112.” Scissors are kept closed by a locking mechanism at the bottom of the handle. Accompanied by a NASA-MSC System and Component Historical Record sheet, filled in by several technicians following the complete history of the scissors beginning with their shipment on September 23, 1965 their assignment to :”S/C 6…Command Pilot”; their installation on Gemini 6; the placement in the cabin on December 11, 1965; its return and removal; and placement in bonded storage and downgrade to training. In fine condition. Although designed for many uses, the primary function of the scissors was to open food pouches. RR Auction COA.

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