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Gene Cernan’s Apollo 17 Flown EVA/EXP Checklist

Amazing CSM EVA/EXP checklist used during the Apollo 17 flight, 6 x 8, stamped with flight certification and signed on the front cover in black felt tip by Gene Cernan. The checklist consists of 166 pages (83 individual sheets), including 27 pages filled out with in-flight writing, much of which remains scientifically relevant today. The highlight of this checklist is undoubtedly the presence of three pages of solar corona observation sketches: one features a large sketch with notations reading, in part: “This act 1 min prior to sunrise at act 5-1 sec prior to s.rise the streamers get much more predominant…radial light & dark lines very faint, unable to see until dark adapted…I think we missed the longest streamers as the red & blue & polarizing seg. ended act 7-10 sec prior to sun rise.” This page is signed twice at the bottom by Cernan, noting that the sketch was done by Ron Evans.

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Gene Cernan Complete Flown CSM Updates checklist

Complete flown Command Service Module Updates checklist carried aboard Apollo 17, used by the entire crew and heavily annotated by Harrison Schmitt or Ron Evans. Checklist consists of 53 heavy cardstock 6 x 8 pages (including covers) bound by 3 metal rings, titled on the front, “Apollo 17, CSM Updates, Part No. SKB32100123–330, S/N 1001,” and boldly certified and signed on the cover by Cernan in blue felt tip, “Flown on Apollo XVII, Gene Cernan.” Of the 51 pages within the checklist, there are 25 pages with writing on them, 21 are heavily noted by Schmitt and Evans with PADs, and four otherwise blank pages are certified and signed by Cernan, “Flown, Gene Cernan.” Each page is dated “8/7/72,” and all but the title page are double-sided. There are six tabs in the checklist: “P30 Maneuver,” “P37 Block Data,” “Earth Orbit Block Data,” “P27 Update,” “P24 LDMK Tracking,” and lastly, “Flight Plan Update.” Cernan has written flown certifications in black felt tip inside the checklist twelve times, each on separate pages (including all tabbed pages except for the first), “Flown, Gene Cernan.” Schmitt and Evan’s mission notes, in bold black felt tip, are all located on the first 11 pages (each double-sided) under the beginning “P30 Maneuver” tab. These pages list subjects such as: “Set Stars,” “R Align,” “P Align,” “Y Align,” “Ullage,” and six columns on which Schmitt and Evan’s recorded a multitude of numbers. Some of their handwritten notes on these pages read: “1. Burn Docked, 2. PTL reformat, 3. LM 36281,” “LM 36281, P – 21, Y – 181, perilun 53.1,” “Burn docked, PTC reformat,” “1. Burn docked, 2. LOI refsmat,” “LM 36312, SING BK 6:51,” “1. Burn and k, 2. Assume DOI-I,” “1. Burn and k, 2. Assume No Circ., 3. -140.9° Long (Lunar) At TIG,” “1. Burn und k, 2. Assume CIRC, 3. -147.62° Lunar Long at Tig,” “At TIG – 178.34, Assumes no plane change,” “4 Jet, 12 sec, TIG = -156.91°, Assumes Trim & LOPC burn, Assumes liftoff refsmmat.” Six of Cernan’s twelve handwritten flight certifications, “Flown, Gene Cernan,” are located on these first eleven pages within the “P30 Maneuver” tab.

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Apollo 17 Flown Pen Gene Cernan

Flown pen used by Gene Cernan aboard the Apollo 17 Lunar Module Challenger. Fiber tipped pen, measuring 5.25, bears the identifying maker’s mark on the body, “Pentel Sign Pen Made in Japan, Z 2.” Accompanied by a 2006 letter of certification signed by Cernan and reading, in part: “This is to certify that the accompanying Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pen being the name ‘Pentel Sign Pen’ and the number ‘Z 2,’ was flown aboard the Lunar Module Challenger to the Taurus-Littrow region of the Moon, where it landed on December 11, 1972…The Pen is completely original with a fiber tipped pen point. It also has the original Velcro affixed to the cap for use in a micro-gravity environment…This Apollo LM pen has remained a treasured part of my personal space collection for more than thirty years.” Accompanied by a manilla tag, labeled “GC0061,” referred to in Cernan’s letter as his own collection identification tool. A desirably well-used LM flown artifact with exemplary astronaut documentation. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.

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RR Auctions Gene Cernan Apollo 17 Flown printed fabric American flag

RR Auctions Gene CernanFlown printed fabric American flag, 5.75 x 4, flown aboard Apollo 17, the final manned Apollo mission to the moon. Flag is signed on the white stripes in black ink, “Flown to the moon on Apollo XVII, Gene Cernan, Dec 7–19, 1972.” Flag is affixed to a larger white board and matted and framed with a color photo of the Apollo 17 LM on the surface to an overall size of 16 x 22.25. A uniform block of toning over flag from adhesive on reverse, otherwise fine condition. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.




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