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Israeli-Palestinian Agreement Program Signed Bill Clinton Y. Arafat

Program for the 1993 Israeli-Palestinian Agreement, held on September 13, 1993, 4.5 x 8, four pages, with a gilt-embossed presidential seal on the cover, signed on the front cover in ink and felt tip, “Bill Clinton,” as president, “Y. Arafat,” “Y. Rabin,” “Shimon Peres,” and “Al Gore.” The first page bears an original hand-drawn portrait by Peter Max, signed underneath the image. Max had been commissioned by the White House to paint a piece commemorating the event, which was eventually titled ‘Peace Accord.’ In very fine condition. This momentous agreement was signed at the White House, with the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize eventually presented to Arafat, Peres, and Rabin ‘for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East.’ RR Auction COA.

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Neil Armstrong Choice uninscribed color 8 x 10 NASA Photo Signed

Choice uninscribed color 8 x 10 NASA photo of Armstrong in his white space suit, signed in black felt tip. In fine condition. A fantastic example with a bold, crisp signature. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.





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Abraham Lincoln Civil War-dated handwritten endorsement

Civil War-dated handwritten endorsement of a prisoner’s release signed as president, one lightly-lined page, 7.5 x 1.75, May 3, 1864. Lincoln writes, “Let the prisoner above named be discharged on the condition stated.” Matted and framed with an attractive and desirable original William E. Marshall engraving of Lincoln to an overall size of 21 x 28. In very good condition, with some irregular toning not affecting the very bold handwriting and signature. Oversized. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.



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INXS Michael Hutchence 1980s Australian passport

Lead singer of the band INXS, he committed suicide in a Sydney, Australia, hotel room in 1997. Hutchence’s personal passport, number N077797, issued by the country of Australia on December 23, 1981, with a December 23, 1986, cancellation date. Passport measures 3.5 x 5, and contains his personal information typed on the second page. The reverse of the first page bears his 2 x 2.25 color photo and is signed in the special signature area next to the photo, “M. Hutchence.” All 12 pages of the passport are stamped on both sides with entry stamps from countries including Australia, United States, New Zealand, Japan, France, the Philippines, Canada, Norway, and England. On the final page, his Australian address has been added in another hand. A Japanese commodities purchase receipt is stapled to one of the pages as well. In fine condition, with expected use and handling wear, several “cancelled” stamps to pages, and clipped right corners.

This passport was put into use very quickly, as INXS would tour New Zealand as the opening act for Cold Chisel. After the release of their next album, Shabooh Shoobah, and propelled by their first top 40 US single ‘One Thing,’ the band hit the road again, making their US debut in San Diego, supporting Adam Ant, in front of just 24 people. The band remained on the road for most of the year, and took part in New Wave Day at the US Festival in 1983. A very personal item from the talented front man as the band was approaching its commercial peak. Pre-certified Roger Epperson/REAL and RR Auction COA.

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Janis Joplin Vintage ballpoint signature

Vintage ballpoint signature, “Janis Joplin,” adding a small heart under her signature, on an off-white 3 x 4.5 lightly-lined sheet. Matted and framed with a copy of Joplin’s Tampa, Florida, mugshots, to an overall size of 21.25 x 14.5. In very good condition, with uniform toning, a light diagonal bend through portion of last name of signature, and some soiling to lower portion of sheet, well away from signature. Joplin’s signature remains very bold and largely unaffected by the physical flaws of the sheet. Accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from Roger Epperson/REAL. RR Auction COA.

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Beatles Signed Original ‘Four Aces’ program

Original ‘Four Aces’ program from the Beatles Fall 1964 tour with Mary Wells, 8 x 10.5, 16 pages, featuring images of the band on playing cards on the front cover. Signed in blue ballpoint on their full page image on the inside cover, “John Lennon,” “George Harrison,” “Ringo Starr,” and “Paul McCartney.” A collector’s notation of “November 1, 1964,” has been added to the front cover. In very good condition, with light creasing and wrinkling to cover and signed page, other creasing and handling wear to inside pages, missing upper staple of binding, and a spot of light toning to first page. Accompanied by a letter of provenance from the original recipient which reads, “I can confirm that the Beatles playing cards programme was signed on November 1st at Finsbury Park, Astoria Cinema, London in 1964. My mother knew the management staff who obtained the autographs personally for myself as I was ill…As a gift my parents gave me the programme the day after the concert.” The band played a 10-song set at the cinema, including ‘Twist and Shout,’ ‘If I Fell,’ and ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’ A scarce signed program which more than made up for the poor girl missing the show. Pre-certified Roger Epperson/REAL and RR Auction COA.

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John Lennon Signed 1975 Seventeenth Annual Grammy Awards Program

Rare program for the Seventeenth Annual Grammy Awards, held in 1975, 8 x 10.25, signed vertically on the cover in blue ballpoint, “John Lennon ´75,” adding a quick self-portrait caricature; and also signed in black felt tip, by David Bowie “Bowie ´75,” and Ann-Margret. Matted and framed with a descriptive plaque to an overall size of 14.5 x 19.25. In fine condition, with a bit of mild soiling and light handling wear. Accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from Roger Epperson/REAL. Lennon, along with Paul Simon, presented Olivia Newton-John her Record of the Year award for ‘I Honestly Love You.’ At the end of their segment both Lennon and Simon jokingly asked if they would be reuniting with their respective musical partners. RR Auction COA.

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