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RR Autograph Auction George Sterling Handwritten poem

RR Autograph Auction George Sterling

California poet (1869–1926) who Ambrose Bierce compared to Coleridge, Keats, and Poe yet remained relatively unknown outside of his home state. He committed suicide by poisoning himself with cyanide on November 17, 1926. Handwritten poem in pencil, signed “George Sterling,” on two 6 x 9 sheets, dated August 27, 1922. Sterling writes out his poem entitled ‘Song.’ In full: “I was a sea-god’s daughter,/ Born where the dolphin run./ I stared from crimson coral/ Up to a moonlike sun./ I was a dryad’s daughter./ Singing an elfin rune,/ I gazed, beside my birth-tree,/ Up to a star-led moon./ I was a witch’s daughter,/ With eyes like agate-spar./ I watched, before her grotto,/ The silver-wanded star./ I am a cobbler’s daughter,/ Tired ere my toil is done./ I looked through broken windows/ On star and moon and sun.” In fine condition, with central horizontal folds and a moderate uniform shade of toning. RRAuction COA.

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