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Rainer Maria Rilke handwritten poem

Influential poet (1875–1926) who takes a place among the most highly regarded figures in early modern literature. Magnificent handwritten poem in German, one page inside a 5 x 7 card, signed at the conclusion, “Rainer Maria Rilke, Schlossberg the Irschel, Ende 1920.” Rilke pens a poem for Anneliese on her 11th birthday. In full (untranslated):

“Manchmal noch empfind ich vo¨llig jenen Kinder-Jubel, ihn: da ein Laufen von den Hu¨gellehnen schon wie Neigung schien.

Da Geliebt-Sein noch nicht band und mu¨hte, und beim Nachtlicht-Schein sich das Aug schloß wie die blaue Blu¨te von dem blauen Lein.

Und da Lieben noch ein blindes Breiten halber Arme war—, nie so ganz um Einen, um den Zweiten: offen, arm und klar.”

In very good condition, with scattered creases and dampstaining. This comes from a relatively unknown poetic cycle by Rilke which went unpublished until finally being released under the title Aus dem Nachlaß des Grafen C. W. [Posthumous Poems by Count C. W.] in 1950. Rilke wrote these poems in November 1920 and March 1921, while staying at Castle Berg in the northwestern part of Switzerland. He claimed that they were not his own original work, but that the verse had been dictated to him by a gentleman dressed in 18th century clothing who haunted the castle. Some scholars believe that this provided him with a pretext for writing simplistic poetry not on par with his usual standards. As such, he unflinchingly denied authorship of them and refused to include them in any of his published works. This poem, in particular, is more or less about the innocence of youth, a common theme throughout the cycle that has led some to believe that it is a cycle of love poems, inspired by Rilke’s affair with Baladine Klossowska. An immensely fascinating piece from an important and lesser-known period of Rilke’s life. Rilke is exceptionally desirable in any sort of autographic material, and a complete handwritten poem such as this is a truly extraordinary find. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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