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RR Autograph Auctions Frank Hamer Archive

RR Autograph Auctions Frank Hamer Archive

A unique and interesting archive consisting of letters, a few documents, telegrams, news clippings, unsigned photos, and other items, many relating to the storied career of noted Texas Ranger Frank Hamer. One of the most interesting items is a carbon of a September 16, 1950 letter from Hamer to President Harry S. Truman. Hamer had two sons who served in the Marines in World War II. In part: “I have waited for sometime before answering your dirty insult to the Marines and their parents in order that I might be in a better humor and not use any disparaging remarks than possible…My youngest son died in Iwo Jima; my other boy wounded and crippled for life. I could use every insulting remark in the American category and it would no more compare with your dastardly insults than an ant hill would compare in size to the Rocky Mountains. Of course we could expect nothing else coming from a protege of the biggest gang of mobsters that ever operated in the United States…I thank God that I have never supported you or Franklin D. Roosevelt because of the fact I have felt we would be eventually led to slaughter…Being religiously inclined I want to add the following line: May God Have Mercy on Your Soul.”

Other items of note include a telegram to President Franklin D. Roosevelt shortly after the USS Panay incident that “The recent act of the Japs in the sinking out our gunboats and the assaulting of American citizens has reduced the significance of the American flag to a mere dishrag.”; a May 23 Western Union telegram to Hamer from the Associated Press asking for an “account Barrow Parker slaying”; a Warrant of Authority and Descriptive List for his nine year old son Billie, signed at the bottom by Hamer; his commissions for the Highway Patrol and Special Ranger; two letters in regards to Hamer’s attempts at putting a halt to the Texas Banker’s Association’s ‘murder-for-reward’ ring in which the association was offering rewards of up to $5000 for dead bank robbers; letters of recommendation for Hamer as well as requests for his life story; and various sized unsigned vintage photos of Hamer and other Texas Rangers.

Also included are a sworn and notarized affidavit from John B. Sawyer, who had stolen Hamer’s name and proceeded to cash checks in his name across the United States. Affidavit states “I did not even know Captain Frank Hamer and used his name for the reason that I knew he was a well known, highly respected and honorable official of the State of Texas and that was my reason for using his name in cashing checks throughout the United States.” Along with the affidavit are two original photos of Hamer posing with Sawyer; mugshots of various criminals; a notarized document between Raymond Brown and Hamer’s wife and son for a biography of Hamer; several typed poems attributed to Hamer; other paperwork relating to his biography; and a large scrapbook containing many clipped articles about Hamer and the Texas Rangers. In overall very good condition.

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