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Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Flown MCC Burn Chart Page

Flown checklist page carried on board Apollo 11, labeled “MCC Burn Chart,” page 3-108a, 10.5 x 8, removed from the Apollo 11 Flight Plan, signed and flight-certified in blue ballpoint, “Carried to the Moon on Apollo XI, Buzz Aldrin,” and signed below in blue ballpoint, “Michael Collins.” In fine condition. Accompanied by a signed letter of provenance from Aldrin, in part: “Sheet numbered 3-108a…is part of the entire document that was carried to the Moon in Command Module Columbia on the first lunar landing mission…This sheet is from the detailed timeline section and was located at the beginning of hour 150 in the mission. Page 3-108a has a grid of terms and values associated with the MCC5 or Mid Course Correction engine burn number 5…MCC5 was about an eleven second burn using Columbia’s Reaction Control System thrusters. We fired those engines at 150 hours and 29 minutes into the mission. It was a retrograde maneuver that changed our velocity by some 4.8 feet per second. We did this burn for entry corridor control, which fine-tuned our flight path angle at entry into the earth’s atmosphere.” Accompanied by a printed excerpt from Michael Collins’s book Carrying the Fire referring to the MCC5 burn, a certificate of authenticity for the Collins autograph from Novaspace, and a photocopy of the cover of the flight plan. A fabulous piece from the personal collection of the Lunar Module Pilot that represents a mission-critical maneuver in the successful return of the Apollo 11 astronauts from their intrepid voyage to the lunar surface. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli

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Saturn V LVDC Memory Module

Saturn V Launch Vehicle Digital Computer (LVDC) Memory Module, measuring 6 x 5.75 x 5.25, produced by IBM under NASA contract number NAS 8-11561. The module is a self-contained assembly with memory timing, drive, inhibit and sensing circuits arranged around the core array for use in the LVDC. It has a capacity of 4,096 word locations (28 bits each) of primary storage, and up to eight of these modules could be grouped together for an overall capacity of 32KB. The modules could be operated in either a simplex or duplex mode, as determined by the Memory Control Elements; in simplex, the system utilized its full memory capacity, while duplex mode only used half of the available space but in duplicate to provide redundancy in case of failure. In fine condition.

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Scott Carpenter’s Mercury-era Collier Trophy

Impressive Collier Trophy awarded to Scott Carpenter as one of the members of the Mercury 7, measuring 13.5″ tall with an 8.25 x 8.25 base, engraved on one side with the names of the first seven NASA astronauts, Malcolm S. Carpenter, L. Gordon Cooper, John H. Glenn, Jr., Virgil I. Grissom, Walter M. Schirra, Jr., Alan B. Shepard, Jr., and Donald Slayton, noting that they were being honored with the 1962 award “For pioneering manned space flight in the United States.” On the opposing side of the base is raised text describing the award, in full: “Awarded annually by the National Aeronautic Association sponsored by Look Magazine for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, the value of which had been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year.” In fine condition. Accompanied by a signed letter of provenance from Carpenter, in part: “President John Kennedy presented the 1962 Collier Trophy that accompanies this letter to me along with each of my Mercury 7 brothers. This occurred on Oct. 10, 1963 at a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden. I consider this one of [the] most prestigious honors I have ever received and have proudly displayed it in my home for many years.”

Other notables in receipt of this prized trophy include Neil Armstrong, Chuck Yeager, Howard Hughes and Orville Wright. Research indicates that Deke Slayton’s Collier Trophy is the only other Collier Trophy associated with a Mercury Astronaut to ever be offered for sale.

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Apollo 17 Signed Photograph Official NASA Color Photo

Official NASA color 10 x 8 semi-glossy photo of the Apollo 17 crew in their white space suits, signed in felt tip, “Harrison H. Schmitt,” “Ron Evans,” and “Gene Cernan.” In fine condition. A choice, uninscribed example, which Space expert Ken Havekotte notes was signed preflight. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli.

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Gene Cernan’s Apollo 17 Flown EVA/EXP Checklist

Amazing CSM EVA/EXP checklist used during the Apollo 17 flight, 6 x 8, stamped with flight certification and signed on the front cover in black felt tip by Gene Cernan. The checklist consists of 166 pages (83 individual sheets), including 27 pages filled out with in-flight writing, much of which remains scientifically relevant today. The highlight of this checklist is undoubtedly the presence of three pages of solar corona observation sketches: one features a large sketch with notations reading, in part: “This act 1 min prior to sunrise at act 5-1 sec prior to s.rise the streamers get much more predominant…radial light & dark lines very faint, unable to see until dark adapted…I think we missed the longest streamers as the red & blue & polarizing seg. ended act 7-10 sec prior to sun rise.” This page is signed twice at the bottom by Cernan, noting that the sketch was done by Ron Evans.

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Theodore Roosevelt Signed Book Stonewall Jackson’s Way

Signed book: Stonewall Jackson’s Way. Limited edition of 200. Cedar Rapids, Iowa: The Torch Press, 1915. Hardcover, 6.75 x 9.25, 7 pages. Signed and inscribed on the first free end page, “To Aunt Jobiska from her devoted nephew Theodore Roosevelt, Sept 13th 1916.” Above Roosevelt’s signature is a presentation inscription to him from the owner of the original manuscript, “Hon. Theodore Roosevelt, With regards of W.K. Bixby, St. Louis 12/16/15.” Autographic condition: very good to fine, with light soiling to signed page, dampstaining to edges, and overall feathering to Roosevelt’s signature and inscription. Book condition: G+/None. “Aunt Jobiska” is a reference to a fictional character in ‘The Pobble Who Has No Toes,’ a nonsensical poem written by English poet Edward Lear in 1877. Roosevelt had used this as a nickname for Mrs. Ralph Cross Johnson, a prominent Washingtonian and patron of the arts. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA.


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Beatles George Harrison Signed Book I, Me, Mine

Signed book: I, Me, Mine. First edition, limited issue, numbered 545/2000. England: Genesis Publications, 1980. Hardcover with slipcase, 7.25 x 10, 398 pages. Signed on the colophon in black ink by Harrison. In fine condition, with trivial scuffs to textblock edges, heavy soiling to one side of slipcase, and a small stain on the slipcase’s paper label. An extremely desirable autobiographic work by George Harrison, this hand-bound, limited edition book by Genesis Publications sold out soon after its release and remains quite difficult to find today. Its mixture of printed text and multi-color facsimiles of Harrison’s handwritten lyrics make it a beautiful edition to behold. Pre-certified Roger Epperson/REAL.

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