Gene Cernan’s Apollo 17 Flown EVA/EXP Checklist

14 Apr

Amazing CSM EVA/EXP checklist used during the Apollo 17 flight, 6 x 8, stamped with flight certification and signed on the front cover in black felt tip by Gene Cernan. The checklist consists of 166 pages (83 individual sheets), including 27 pages filled out with in-flight writing, much of which remains scientifically relevant today. The highlight of this checklist is undoubtedly the presence of three pages of solar corona observation sketches: one features a large sketch with notations reading, in part: “This act 1 min prior to sunrise at act 5-1 sec prior to s.rise the streamers get much more predominant…radial light & dark lines very faint, unable to see until dark adapted…I think we missed the longest streamers as the red & blue & polarizing seg. ended act 7-10 sec prior to sun rise.” This page is signed twice at the bottom by Cernan, noting that the sketch was done by Ron Evans.

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