Frank Lloyd Wright DS Planning the world-famous Guggenheim

07 Apr

DS, one page, 8.5 x 14, City of New York Department of Housing and Buildings letterhead, February 13, 1957. An amendment to the plans of his tremendously famous creation, the Guggenheim Museum on Fifth Avenue. In part: “In lieu of the original design bearing condition, which is 5 ton soil, approval is requested of a substitute bearing condition at Column L-5, which is a concrete foundation of a prior building on the site. The concrete foundation is 6’ x 12’ x 8’ deep resting on rock. Column L-5 would be centered on the foundation as shown on the sketch.” Under the typed amendment is a sketch of the proposed amendment to the column, done in another hand. Boldly signed near the top in fountain pen by Wright. In very good condition, with two punch holes to top corners, small areas of paper loss and small tears to edges, and scattered creases. Accompanied by a color 16.5 x 14 copy of Wright’s drawing of the plans for the Guggenheim Museum. The cylindrical building would be Wright’s last—and arguably most well-known—work, as he passed away just six months before the museum opened its doors to the public. A magnificent document related to this landmark work of 20th-century architecture. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA.


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