Dr. Seuss Collection of Three Letters

12 Jan

Three remarkable letters from Dr. Seuss, one ALS and two TLSs, all written to the wife of a Texas doctor during the Spring and Summer of 1972. First, an ALS signed in red artist’s pencil, “Dr. S.,” one page, 7.25 x 10.5, Dr. Seuss letterhead, dated May 18, 1972. In the upper left of the page, Seuss has drawn a pencil, ink, and crayon sketch of the Cat in the Hat wearing a surgical mask and cap. Seuss writes, in full: “Your amazing box of unexpected goodies arrived just an hour ago! You’d be surprised how you’ve changed the appearance of the cat-in-the-hat, who is now in surgery, wearing both appurtenances. You’d also be surprised to see how much happier my studio looks with precious cat, Anna, perched high on the book case radiating warmth (and a slight confusion on being suddenly in a new home). The only present I haven’t yet sampled is the tape recording. And for two silly reasons: 1. My recorder is away being fixed. 2. In twenty minutes I’m rushing out of here to catch a plane for Hollywood, for a week’s work on my new T.V. Special…thence to Yugoslavia to show my last two pictured behind the iron curtain. Then onward, east. So, I’ll have to forgo the pleasure of the tape until I return…some time in August. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re so generous and so good to me! Thank you! (And I’d thank you in a thousand more words if I didn’t have to finish my last minute packing.) You’re truly lovely people!”


Pre-Bidding is January 15 – January 21. Live Bidding begins at 1 pm ET on January 22.

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