Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk Original Photographs

16 Dec

Four historic original photos of the Wright Glider experiments at Kitty Hawk in 1902, 4.5 x 3.5, with three photos of the glider and one showing Octave Chanute and a group of other men under a tent. Two images show the glider in flight, one of which is known to show Wilbur Wright piloting the glider on October 24, 1902, making a right turn; this photograph is notated in French on the back by Captain Ferdinand Ferber in pencil, in part, “Wright en 1902.” The third image of the glider depicts it on the ground with two men, notated on the reverse in black ink by Chanute, “Wright’s machine 1902, coming back again.” In overall fine condition. Ferber was an officer in the French Army who—despite the fact that his own attempts at building aircrafts were largely unsuccessful—proved to be a major influence in the development of aviation in France by publicizing the work of the Wright Brothers and raising public interest in manned flight. Chanute was an American aviation pioneer who had conducted his own glider experiments in the late 1890s and later became an avid supporter of the Wright Brothers, frequently offering them engineering advice and visiting them at Kitty Hawk. A unique grouping associating these influential champions of aviation.

Pre-Bidding is January 15 – January 21. Live Bidding begins at 3 pm ET on January 22.

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