Original mimeographed official White House press release of Harry Truman’s farewell address

03 Nov

Original mimeographed official White House press release of Truman’s farewell address, three pages both sides, 8 x 14, delivered on January 15, 1953, signed at the conclusion in fountain pen, “Harry S. Truman.” The press release is headed by a message from Secretary to the President Roger W. Tubby, marking the release as “CONFIDENTIAL” and saying that “no portion, synopsis, or intimation may be published or broadcast” prior to the address. Truman’s address, in part: “I am happy to have this opportunity to talk to you once more before I leave the White House. Next Tuesday, General Eisenhower will be inaugurated as President of the United States. A short time after the new President takes his oath of office…Inauguration Day will be a great demonstration of our democratic process. I am glad to be a part of it—glad to wish General Eisenhower all possible success, as he begins his term—glad the whole world will have a chance to see how simply and how peacefully our American system transfers the vast power of the Presidency from my hands to his. It is a good object lesson in democracy. I am very proud of it. And I know you are, too…

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