Apollo 16 Flown St. Christopher statue and Jerusalem Tile

20 May

Flown St. Christopher statue carried to the lunar surface by Duke on board the Apollo 16 Lunar Module Orion. Statue measures approximately one-inch high and was stored in Duke’s PPK kit inside the lunar module. Statue is accompanied by an eye-catching 10 x 14 hand-calligraphed and -illuminated prayer for the Apollo 16 astronauts, said by the children of The Holy Spirit School and Father Paddy Roche, and illuminated by the Carmelite Nuns of Up Holland, England. Reverse of the prayer is signed, “This prayer was hand painted by the students and staff of Holy Spirit school and personally given to Charlie Duke by Father Paddy Roche. Charlie Duke.” 

Also included is a lovely 1″ x 1″ hand-painted Jerusalem tile, which Duke carried into lunar orbit on board Apollo 16’s Command Module Casper. 

Accompanied by a 2001 letter of authenticity from Duke, which reads, in part: “This is to certify that this one (1) inch tall St. Christopher statue accompanied me aboard our Lunar Module Orion to the Descartes Highlands…This statue then spent the next three days on the surface of the Moon housed in my Personal Preference Kit (PPK) in the Orion. This St. Christopher statue was presented to me by my sister, Betsy, before our liftoff…These items, though personal, were a part of the official stowage list for the Apollo 16 mission. This statue is, to the best of my knowledge, a one of a kind treasure here on Earth of the religious artifacts carried to the surface of the Moon.” Also accompanied by a letter from Duke certifying the Jerusalem tile. In fine condition. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.

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