Man Ray Autograph manuscript

08 May

Influential American-born artist (1890–1976) who carved out an important niche in the history of modern art with his pioneering Dadaist works and his distinctive photographs. Unsigned autograph manuscript in pencil, one page both sides, 5 x 8, no date. Man Ray muses philosophically on the relationship between humans and art. In full: “It is the nature of human esthetics to associate bright colors with gaiety, optimism, and all that is pleasant in life. In nature itself, these bright colors also exist but do not necessarily express the same idea as for men. The wings of a butterfly, the plumage of a bird may attract a mate, and at the same time an enemy. Prolific nature is not consistent in its details, however rigorous her general laws may be. She can afford contradictions, inconsistencies, and wastefulness. But her goal is never estheticism. (Color is tragic) This tremendous effort with such miserable results, almost no effort, then an easy masterpiece. An age in which size & weight dominate never heard of anyone being criticized for dying (I have been furious at some of my friends for dying) These imitators wormed their way in to the empty spaces disdained by the pioneer. Convince anyone, you’ll never get anywhere,—decide anything with logic.” In fine condition, with scattered soiling. RR Auction COA.

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