Edwina C. MacKenzie Titanic Interview

22 Apr

Typescript from an interview given by MacKenzie in February of 1979, three pages, 8.5 x 11, signed at the conclusion, “Edwina C. MacKenzie.” Fantastic content in which a 27- year old survivor of the tragedy describes the terrible events from beginning to end. In part: “I think that the entire trouble with the ‘Titanic’ was problems with the life boats and the fact that you could not convince the passengers that the ship was going to sink…Also the collision could hardly be felt because the ship was so huge…It’s a myth that they played and sang Nearer My God To Thee. Mostly they played popular songs of the day in order to keep everyone’s spirits high…I can never forget what I call the ‘scream of death’ which happened the moment the Titanic gave up life and 1,500 people hit the icy water at the same moment.” In fine condition, with a staple hole to top left corner. Ex. Brian Green Collection. RR Auction COA.

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