Jimi Hendrix handwritten working lyrics to the Hendrix song ‘Pass It On’

15 Feb

Very rare handwritten working lyrics to the Hendrix song ‘Pass It On’ (the original name of the song that evolved into ‘Straight Ahead’), on two off-white 8.5 x 11 sheets of Londonderry Hotel stationery. In red felt tip, Hendrix has written 25 lines of lyrics adding the title of the song at the top of both pages. Lyrics read, in full: “I ain’t always done right / that don’t mean you can always / keep doing wrong pass it on— / pass it on— / I climbed mountains and / mountains fell on me / but that don’t mean I’m as / weak as I used to be / pass it on pass it on.

I blew dreams through a / pipe of steam—But that / don’t mean I’m always a drag machine P. I. O. ect…the world is trembling / is breaking, shaking heavy / love making…the stage is cleared for the stars…the / Gods…pass it on, pass it on / Angels come to come and came / and now they’re trying / to be gone…pass it on, pass it on.

God help the understanding / of love and sweat / Day and night / rejoice and regret…pass it on.”

In fine condition, with a paperclip impression to top of pages. This song was intended to be on Hendrix’s next album, a double album tentatively titled either ‘First Rays of the New Rising Sun’ or Strate [sic] Ahead,’ based on notes found after his death in 1970. The song was recorded between late 1969 and the summer of 1970, eventually appearing on his posthumous fourth studio album titled The Cry of love. Hendrix lyrics appear for sale at auction very infrequently, particularly those which can be identified, and are highly sought after by music collectors. Pre-certified Roger Epperson/REAL and RR Auction COA.

Bidding for the Marvels of Modern Music Auction opens Mar 13, 2014 & ends Mar 20, 2014

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