Lee Harvey Oswald Warren Commission Exhibit No. 187

07 Jan

ALS signed twice, “Love, Lee,” two pages, lightly-lined on two adjoining sheets, 5.25 x 8, December 13, 1961. Letter to his mother. In full (with grammar and spelling retained): “We recieded your post card today and also the first package of books which you sent us a month and a-half ago. I sure do appreciate your help. I think we’ll get together if we finally get back to the states, and maybe we’ll be able to settle in Texas. I hope everything is allright with you, why do you change address’s so often? I sent you and [brother] Robert a Christmas card, and even Aunt Lilian [his mother’s eldest sister, Lillian Murret] in New Orleans, do you write to them at all? or to Aunt Lilian. Has John [half-brother John Pic] been writing to you lately?

When you write you can send us Just post cards instead of letters they are cheaper and Marina enjoys the pictures of Texas and america. Snow is on the ground here and will be until april or may. Marina is feeling fine and everything is O.K. with that. Marina laughed when she heard your question about babies born at home or in hospitals of course allmost everyone here has their babys in the hospitial Your choice of books is very good, thanks a lot for them. Marina sends her love and hopes you recived her thanks you letter for the beautiful scraf you sent her.” Oswald goes on to add a short postscript which reads, “I wrote this letter on one day but didn’t get to send it till today, when I recivied your second package of books (cowboys & times) so I shall thank you for them also.” This letter was an official exhibit in the Warren Commission investigation into JFK’s assassination and, like most of the exhibits, is protectively and permanently soft-laminated, with a red and white label affixed to one side and notated “Commission No. 187.” Pencilled along the lower edge of reverse by John Lattimer is “JKL 89-47”; Lattimer was selected by the Kennedy family to be the first non-governmental medical specialist to review evidence in the assassination, ultimately supporting the findings of the Warren Commission. In fine condition, with uniform light toning and surface marks and usual creases to laminate.

Less than two years after defecting to the Soviet Union, Oswald completely reversed his stance and decided to return to the States with his new, now-pregnant wife, Marina. Having secured his US Passport, Oswald was awaiting approval from the Soviet government for his and Marina’s exit visas as the year came to a close. Writing to his mother, he comes across as a kind and appreciative son, grateful for books she has sent, looking forward to the birth of his first child, and making plans to rejoin his family in Texas as soon as he can. The couple finally received word that their requests had been granted by Soviet authorities on Christmas day, 1961. With an official Warren Commission label, Lattimer’s small pencil notation, and two signatures from Oswald, this is a highly desirable letter written as he planned his return to the States. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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