John F Kennedy Sixth Floor Window of the Texas Book Depository

15 Oct

The controversial and extremely historically important sixth-floor corner window from the Texas School Book Depository, originally removed six weeks after Kennedy’s assassination by the building’s owner, Colonel D. Harold Byrd. Recognizing the value of the window as a historical curiosity, Byrd instructed an employee named Buddy McCool to remove and replace it, according to a deposition and video testimony by McCool. He then hung it in the banquet room of his Vassar Street mansion, displayed beside other artifacts and mementos from his career, until his death in 1986. Byrd’s son, Caruth Byrd, inherited the window and in 1995 loaned it to Dallas’s Sixth Floor Museum for display to the public, where it remained until 2007. The window is dark green on what was the interior and off-white on the exterior, with paint original to the time of the assassination. Beautifully presented in a custom display case. Lee Harvey Oswald was hired at the Texas School Book Depository on October 16, 1963, and was driven to work on November 22 by friend and co-worker Wesley Frazier, who said that Oswald was carrying a bag of ‘curtain rods.’ Charles Givens, another co-worker, testified to the Warren Commission that he last saw Oswald on the sixth floor of the Depository with a clipboard in his hand at approximately 11:55 a.m.—35 minutes before the assassination. An historically significant piece accompanied by extensive provenance material. RR Auction COA.

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