RR Auction Apollo 11 Crew-signed Air Force One log book

26 Jul

Fantastic one-of-a-kind leatherbound hardcover log book from Air Force One, 12 x 9, signed on an inside page in black felt tip by the Apollo 11 crew and their wives upon their arrival in New York city for their ticker tape parade as they kicked off their around-the-world good will tour. Each member has signed on an individual line, and included their address, the date, and a remark about the flight. Signatures are as follows: “Neil Armstrong, Seabrook, Texas, 8/13/69, A magnificent cross country experience”; “Michael Collins, Houston, Texas, 8/13/69, Superb!”; “Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., Houston, Texas, 8/13/69, Enjoyed every moment of the flt”; “Jan Armstrong, Seabrook, 8/13/69, It’s the only way to fly!”; “Patricia Collins, Houston, 8/13/69, Wonderful trip. Thank you”; and “Joan Aldrin, Houston, 8/13/69, So very many thanks.” Page is also signed by NASA official Tom Paine, who accompanied the crew. Book is also signed by 77 others, including Lyndon Johnson, other politicians and dignitaries, and a 28-person contingent of family, friends, and NASA and White House staff of the Apollo 13 mission, who were flown by Nixon to Honolulu to be reunited with the crew. Signers in this group include Mrs. James Lovell, Mrs. Fred Haise, Jack Swigert’s parents, Frank Borman, and Michael Collins, as well as press members, Secret Service, and a doctor to accompany Mrs. Haise, who was pregnant at the time. In very fine condition.

The Apollo 11 crew and their wives boarded Air Force One after the astronauts spent 21 days in quarantine aboard the USS Hornet and at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, beginning a whirlwind good will tour around the world. Their first stop of the day would be in Chicago, then on to New York City where an estimated 300 tons of paper rained down on the crew as they paraded through the ‘Canyon of Heroes’. Nixon loaned the crew Air Force One for their trip, dubbed the ‘Giant Leap’ tour. A truly spectacular item, representing some of the earliest signatures of Armstrong and Aldrin after their historic moonwalks, as well as an impressive representation of Nixon’s recognition of the importance of these Apollo missions. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.

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