RR Auction Apollo-era Constant Wear Garment Issued To Buzz Aldrin

21 May

RR Auction Buzz AldrinApollo-era Constant Wear Garment, manufactured in 1968, issued to Buzz Aldrin for use during the Apollo 11 training and mission. White cotton one-piece garment has a Beta cloth name tag sewn on the left breast and reads, “E. Aldrin,” and a manufacturer’s label sewn into the collar which reads, “Constant Wear Garment; P/N SEB 13100061-208 [model number consistent on every Apollo 11 crew members CWG]; Size MR S/N 1228 [individual serial number for this specific garment]; Date August 1968; Contract No. NAS 9-7721; Contractor Atlas Underwear Corp.” Garment has multiple openings and attachments at midriff to integrate the bioinstrumentation harness which each crew member wore.

The Constant Wear Garment (CGW) was designed to be worn under the inflight Coveralls (ICG) as well as the A7L Spacesuit Pressure Garment Assembly (as part of the complete spacesuit system). This garment served multiple functions during flight including providing the crew member with warmth, in addition to absorption and transportation of sweat. The specification/part number which bears the stamped out “-005” and the re-stamped “208” reflects a modification of the original garment to the ‘as flown’ configuration, this modification was likely done near the time of issue. Apollo 11 CM Pilot Michael Collin’s flown constant wear garment is part of the National Air and Space Museum Collection and was on display there for many years; it is now viewable online. Though this Aldrin garment would not have actually been flown, it is essentially a duplicate of the variant that was, combined with the fact it was issued to Apollo 11 crew member Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, only enhances its desirability. RR Auction COA.


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