RR Auctions Apollo 13 Final Flight Plan Signed James Lovell and Fred Haise

18 May Apollo 13 final flight plan entitled “Final Apollo 13 Flight Plan, AS-508/CSM-109/LM-7,” March 16, 1970, 8.25 x 10.5, signed on the front cover in black ballpoint, “James Lovell, Apollo 13 CDR,” and “Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP.” The extremely detailed plan provides a minute-by-minute outline for the entire mission, from liftoff to reentry, including what would have been two scheduled walks on the moon. First page is a copy of the flight plan submission bearing facsimile signatures of T. R. Lindsey, Warren J. North, Donald K. Slayton, James A. McDivitt, and Sigurd A. Sjoberg. Plan is bound in the upper left by a staple and metal ring. In fine condition, with the front cover separated from the binding staple. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.

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