RR Auctions Flown Charlie Duke Apollo16 Mexican Flag

22 Nov

RR Auctions Apollo 16 Charlie Duke

Flown printed fabric Mexican flag, 6 x 4, carried to the lunar surface on board the LM Orion, signed in blue ink on the white stripe of the flag, “Arrived on the lunar surface aboard ‘Orion’ April 20, 1972. Flown to the moon on Apollo 16, Charlie Duke, Lunar Module Pilot.” Flag is affixed by its corners to a 9.25 x 12 certificate stating “This flag was flown aboard the first Apollo mission to the lunar highlands,” and signed in black felt tip by Charlie Duke. Accompanied by an unusually lengthy handwritten certificate of authenticity from Duke, which reads, in part: “this flag of the Republic of Mexico accompanied me aboard the lunar module ‘Orion’ to the Descartes Highlands of the moon…this flag was stowed in my…PPK. There it remained throughout almost 72 hours on the lunar surface. This flag was exposed to the vacuum of space on each of the three EVA’s which totalled over 20 hours for Apollo 16…Since that time it has remained as a treasured part of my personal space collection.” In fine condition, with a bit of trivial feathering to writing on flag. Not to be confused with the more common lunar orbit flown flags, international flags flown to the lunar surface are exceedingly rare. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.

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