RR Auctions Apollo Lunar Module Strut

21 Nov
RR Auctions Apollo Lunar Module Strut

RR Auctions Apollo Lunar Module Strut

Flight-ready Lunar Module deployment truss manufactured by Grumman Aircraft. This piece comprised part of the structural-mechanical assembly between the landing-gear struts and the descent-stage structure. In conjunction with the downlock mechanism, it enabled extension and lock of the landing gear from stowed to the fully deployed position. Metal strut measures 34″ long, with half the strut wrapped in Kapton foil, and a metal parts tag reading “Ser. 54, MRR 83326, LDW 320M109062.” Strut comes in its original NASA shipping box, labeled “Critical Space Item, Handle With Care,” as well as a partial parts label, stamped “Flight Item,” and remnants of an address label to the Kennedy Space Center. In fine condition. Flight-ready Lunar Module pieces rarely appear for sale at public auction and flown parts of this sort did not return from lunar missions. RRAuction COA.

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